Transplant Rx Program

West Knoll Pharmacy is a well-equipped, comprehensive pharmacy that specializes in a variety of areas, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of all our patients. We maintain a complete stock of FDA-approved medications, specifically catered for organ transplant patients, ensuring they have access to the essential treatments required for their unique health situations.

Our robust system is designed with patient safety as a priority. It’s capable of detecting potential drug interactions, thereby minimizing the risk of adverse effects. This technology empowers us to provide an additional layer of safety for our patients in addition to our pharmacists’ expertise and vigilance.

In our continuous efforts to enhance medication adherence, we have a system in place that alerts our staff when patient refills are due. To ensure our patients never miss their medication, our trained professionals will personally reach out and remind them that their prescriptions are ready to be refilled.

Furthermore, we believe in the importance of informed healthcare decisions. As part of this commitment, we offer no-charge consultations to both patients and healthcare practitioners. Our team is always ready to answer any queries and provide the necessary guidance for medication use and health concerns.

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions – we’re here to support you before and after an organ transplant.